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AAG Putra Agung Bali Early Days

22 August 2010

BALI EARLY DAYS by AAG Putra Agung & Rodney Holt


This book of historic research on “Bali’s Early Days” by Dr. A.A. Gde Putra Agung (S.U.), encompasses three essays on the little known subjects of “Widow Sacrifice, Slavery and Opium” in pre-19th Century Bali, when kings still reigned over the tiny tropical island. These kingdoms, were divided and conquered by the Dutch, who eventually imposed their colonial system of ‘indirect rule’, banking upon the hegemony of local traditional authority. Although they quickly abolished widow sacrifice and slavery, the Dutch maintained and promoted the opium trade, eventually establishing their own set of laws in efforts to monopolize the source of income. Instead of weakening the resolve of the indigenous population of Bali, this issue contributed to their eventual revolt and subsequent battle for independence. Dr. A.A. Gde Putra Agung, himself a direct descendant of the royal family of Karangasem, and a graduate of history from the University of Gajah Mada (1983), carried out much of his research in the hugely documented records of the colonial government, during his visits to the Algemeen Rijksarchief in Den Haag and the Library of Rijksuniversiteit in Leiden in 1986. He completed his Doctorate at Gajah Mada University in 1996, and for many years held the position of Head of Research in Culture and Tourism at Udayana University, Denpasar, Bali. Distilled from three fascinating research papers, these essays detail the little-known realities of life in Bali’s pre-colonial period wherein the ancient practices of Widow Sacrifice and Slavery were still a royal prerogative and early colonial days under the Dutch when the Opium trade created Bali’s very first import trade. Rodney Holt produced and directed this work, and in his introduction places it into the perspective of Bali’s history of power-building and conflict between kingdoms. He has established the Puri Karangasem Historical Society, (PKHS), the cultural arm of the Yayasan Damai Olahraga Bali, and is presently working on a number of projects including Puri Agung Karangasem Museum which has the support of AusAid. “Bali’s Early Days” is the first publication of the Puri Karangasem Historical Society’s Karangasem & Bali History Series. Book Specifications: Size: 21 x 14 cm, 100 pages of contents, bound in laminated soft cover with flaps, and 15 pages of old photos, Illustrations and Maps. Published by Saritaksu Editions, Bali First edition (English version) 2000 books SEEKING SPONSORS: This book is an ideal gift for friends and family and offers a rare glimpse of the early days of Bali’s colourful pre and post-colonial history. We invite you to support the publishing of the first edition by purchasing ten books or more at a special pre-launch price. Special Sponsor’s price for Pre-launch purchase: Rp.100.000,- BALI’S EARLY DAYS Widow Sacrifice, Slavery & Opium Introduction by Rodney Holt Translated & Edited by Dian Ina and Sarita Newson Published by Saritaksu Editions ........................................................................................................ Herewith I agree to Pre-Purchase..................... books @ Rp.100.000,- Amounting to a total of Rp................................... Full name: _________________________________ Address:___________________________________ __________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________ Tel/Fax:___________________________________ Payment will made in: (please tick one) ❒ Rupiah ❒ US Dollars ❒ Other On (date/month)_ _ /_ _/2010 by: (please tick one) ❒ Cash Payment ❒ Transfer ❒ Cheque Payable to: BANK DANAMON HAYAM WURUK Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 246 Denpasar, Bali. A/C: 103462420 Att: PT. Saritaksu Delivery – Please choose (a) or (b) The books will be picked up at: (a) the book launch ❒ (b) the publisher’s office ❒ Or: Please arrange delivery of the books to: (cost of delivery to be paid upon receipt of books) Signed, (……………..….) Date: ____/_____/_____ [Advance Purchase Confirmation] Thank you for supporting the first publication of the Puri Karangasem Historical Society’s Karangasem & Bali History Series. For further information please email and Saritaksu Editions: