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Friends of Puri Karangasem Historical Society meeting

22 July 2012

On Thursday,Niki Van Heuvel presented the progress report of her AYAD assignment for the Puri Karangasem Historical Society's Museum Project.




In attendance were (left to right)

Lene Pederson

Ron Barrett

Siobhan Campbell

Peter Worsley

AAA Putri Girindrawardani

Hedi Hinzler

Rodney Holt

Niki Van Heuvel

Carole Muller

Tina Ruitter

Adrian Vickers

not in photo Robin Tatu

In a very productive meeting followed by lunch at Stiff Chilli restaurant the attendees agreed to assist where possible with PKHS goal of establishing a museum in Puri Agung Karangasem.

A longer report will follow.